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Kenny Mayne Book Is Exactly What to Expect From Kenny Mayne

An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport
Kenny Mayne
Crown Archetype (April 2008)

If you didn’t read this book when it came out three years ago, you’re not missing much.

Kenny Mayne makes it clear the reader will not learn anything from this book and basically his agent came to him, told him it might be a good idea to write a book, so Mayne took whatever came into his head and put it on paper.

An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport is a hodge-podge of stories from Mayne’s childhood as well as some stories thrown in from adulthood. He has his daughters draw pictures in it. It is basically a dialogue with the reader as he often interrupts himself to tell the reader he can’t look up a fact because he is on an airplane and he has now taken his seatbelt off before the sign indicated it was the appropriate time.

There is no filter and not editing process, but Mayne makes this point clear from beginning to end. The self-effacing television reporter for ESPN even warns the reader in the beginning they will most likely be disappointed with the contents of the book he has produced. Luckily, I was not since I only paid $2 for it.

For fans of Mayne, this might be an interesting book. The reader certainly does not stand to learn anything about sports, but the stories in each chapter tend to be either funny or heartwarming and give a bit of a glimpse into the life of Kenny Mayne.

An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport was not exactly educational, informative, captivating or engaging, but it was not boring enough that I gave up reading and could not get through to the end. It is a book a reader should read if they don’t want to think. It doesn’t add anything to your knowledge arsenal, but also doesn’t bore you to death either.


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