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Georgetown Lost Second-Straight Game Against Cincinnati, 68-64

In a game full of Hoya turnovers, Georgetown fell to Cincinnati Jan. 9, 68-64, for their second loss in a row.

Despite junior Hollis Thompson going 5-for-5 — 4-for-4 from three — in the first half, Cincinnati’s defense was too much for the Hoyas and they turned the ball over 17 times in key situations, which led to 20 points off turnovers for the Bearcats.

“We cannot turn the ball over like that. That was the ball game,” coach John Thompson III said. “And you got to give them credit. Then after you do that, most of our turnovers were what I call ‘unforced turnovers.’ It wasn’t relenting pressure and their press caused a turnover. It was just us not being good passers, not being good receivers. Just a lot of unforced turnovers.”

Turnovers were the problem Monday night and defense was the problem against West Virginia — key areas the Hoyas were typically solid at before the past couple of games.

“We can’t fall into the rhythm of losing,” senior Jason Clark (14 points, two rebounds) said, “can’t start pointing fingers. Like Coach said, we know what makes us good. We got to get back to those things and keep continuing to get better.”

Thompson ended the game with 14 points and five rebounds, but all the points and most of the rebounds came in the first half. Henry Sims and Markel Starks each added 10 points, three rebounds, but again most of the contribution was in the first half. It also didn’t help the Bearcats kept changing defenses on the Hoyas, making it impossible for them to create plays to make baskets. Sophomore center Nate Lubick had one of his better games of the season against Cincinnati, shooting 4-for-5 for 8 points and adding 8 rebounds and three assists.

“I guess it was nice to come out and feel like my old self again,” Lubick said dejectedly. “But the way I am, I really only care about winning and we didn’t do enough to win the game tonight so if I had a better game than I’ve been playing, it came on the wrong day I guess.”

Eighteen of the Bearcats points came from free throws, compared to the Hoyas’ six and Georgetown couldn’t hold down the Bearcats’ first and second scorers at all. Top scorer, sophomore Sean Kilpatrick, scored 27 points while senior guard Duan Dixon scored 22.

“[Kilpatrick] can beat you off the three and he can beat you off the dribble,” Clark, who went 6-for-7 from the field, said. “He’s just one of those players he knows how to score the basketball.”

The Bearcats played well, did their scouting and knew what they had to do and who they had to target. Thompson III admitted his team just didn’t play as hard as Cincinnati.

“We were just as physical if not the more physical team today,” Thompson III said. “We just turned the ball over. We just turned the ball over. And I don’t mean to negate anything they did. I don’t mean in any way shape or form to say they didn’t play a good game, they didn’t execute, but we shot ourselves in the foot today. “


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