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Favorite News of the Week

Chuck Klosterman, Grantland.com

The funny nature of this article caught my attention and immediately prompted me to send it to my former boss who used to drink Mountain Dew like it was water. I don’t know if it will deter him from drinking it (probably not) but the article sure got a laugh from me!

David Steele, AOL.SportingNews.com

I was unaware of the history behind this story before reading Steele’s article. It put an interesting perspective on the state of Arizona. I came down hard on Arizona when they passed a law a little while ago allowing random stops of motorists to check for identification papers. It seems this state has a history of racism and it is good to see sports — as a powerful force in society — taking a stand against it.

Mark Reutter, Baltimore Brew

While this article was depressing from the perspective of shedding a poor light on the city’s infrastructure problems as it pertains to youth centers, I commend Baltimore Brew for their reportage in tough subjects and shedding a light on them so it forces the city’s lawmakers to notice and do something about it.

Dave Zirin, The Nation

Zirin did a great job with this interview. And though it is just a Q&A with Smith, the questions are interesting and insightful as well as eliciting of great responses.

Peter Keepnews, New York Times

Etta James was no doubt a great woman in terms of her participation in the renaissance of jazz/blues music at its earliest inception. And who hasn’t heard the song, ‘At Last.’ Her powerful voice will live on through generations even though she is no longer here to sing it.


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