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Blast Earn Easy Win at Home Against SharX

The Blast were not going to let their embarrassing outing in Norfolk be a repeat performance Jan. 20 when they played the SharX on their home field in front of 4,718 fans, coming out strong and tying the knot with an 18-2 win.

Halfway into the first quarter, Carlos Garcia passed to Ricardinho in the right corner of the goal and Ricardinho promptly headed it into the opposite corner to put the Blast on the board and also to score his first goal with the Blast. Adriano Dos Santos helped to make it 4-0 when he used the wall to ricochet the ball to centerfield where Pat Healey was waiting patiently for the kick into the goal.

With a 1:10 left in the first quarter, SharX forward Matthew Delicate took a straight shot through the open arms of Sagu for what would end up being the only goal scored by Norfolk.

“I thought it was a great response, coming off a loss last week in Norfolk where we didn’t play very well,” coach Danny Kelly said. “I thought it was a great response, giving up only one goal the entire game. It was a great team effort. I thought we worked very well together.”

The Blast played the SharX in Norfolk Jan. 12 for the second time this season. The SharX had only managed to secure one win so far in the season until the Blast’s dismal performance and their good defense got them to No. 2

Norfolk goalkeeper recorded 16 saves and even though the Blast put in a sixth attacked in the waning minutes to try and salvage a win, all it gave the SharX was a wide-open net to secure their win.

“To be quite honest, we didn’t show up in Norfolk,” Kelly said. “This is professional. You don’t step on the field and expect to win without putting in the work. And to be quite honest, we didn’t show up in Norfolk. And that’s on me. I’m the coach. I take full responsibility and that performance was unacceptable. I knew it; they knew it and after a poor performance, we wanted to come back with a strong one and we did that tonight.”

Following the SharX’s lone goal Jan. 21, it was a back and forth battle between Blast players Max Ferdinand and Warren Ukah to see who could make it to a hat trick first.

Ferdinand became the winner. His first shot to start the second quarter was a straight shot from the top of the key, his second, a pass to the middle from Garcia to Ferdinand in the third, and finally he sealed the win with the last score of the game to top off the win and his hat trick.

Ukah hit the top of the goal post for the 10-2 lead and his first goal of the night and scored again in the third quarter to make it 14-2.

“Warren has done very well for us,” Kelly said of Ukah’s performance, which has been more noticeable within the last couple of games. “I think he’s an easy target player. Tonight he showcased what he can do. He’s a guy who’s going to be up there, be a physical presence, but he’s got a lot more than that. He can handle the ball, he can distribute the ball and he can finish it and he showed that tonight. Warren, definitely a good game tonight.”

Veteran Machel Millwood also contributed two points and Neto had an easy goal to make it 16, trapped it and held it right in front of the goalie’s face. Just when he was close enough, Neto easily kicked it past him.

The Blast have a back-to-back weekend when they take on the SharX again Jan. 27 and the Rochester Lancers Jan. 28. They cap off their current home stretch Feb. 1 with another SharX meeting.


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