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Favorite News of the Week: Jan. 29 – Feb. 4

Cyclists rallying to save Mount Royal bike lane
Fern Shen, Baltimore Brew
I thought this article was incredibly important not only to read, but also to actively participate in. I ride a bike, but not nearly as much as I would if I felt safe riding on the streets. Bike lanes would certainly make me feel a little safer in that regard and I thought this was a great article that stressed their importance.

All the Single Ladies
Kate Bolick, Atlantic
This article was very long but really informative. I had never thought to look at how relationships have evolved over time as in depth as Bolick does. In addition, she goes into incredible detail about the state of the world and society today in how it relates to relationships. It all makes perfect sense and this article was a read I just couldn’t steer away from.

U.S. Press Freedom Fell 27 Places Last Year to 47th in the World
Max Fisher, Atlantic
In sticking with the Atlantic theme, I found this article by Max Fisher to be incredibly enlightening. The fact that Reporters Without Borders found the United States enjoys less press freedom then less-developed countries like Africa — while encouraging in terms of international relations — speaks to the declining power of journalism. Or the increased involvement of unnecessary parties in the dissemination of public information.

Remote Argentine Town is a Big-time Stop for Olympic Triathlete Hopefuls
Jessica Weiss, New York Times
Not only do I enjoy stories about running, biking and other outdoor activities, I also enjoy shamelessly plugging my friends! Jessica Weiss graduated from Georgetown University’s graduate program with me and is a great writer. I have enjoyed almost everything she has written, this one included. She is currently living in Buenos Aires and her description of the city makes me want to move there.

Komen Will Continue Funding Planned Parenthood
Emily Ranshaw and Thanh Tan, Texas Tribune
The growing saga of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood was a compelling story to follow throughout the week as more pieces of information came out. Not only was the story itself interesting drama to watch unfold, but the reporting reminded me of the good-old days of journalism when things actually unfolded naturally and over time. It seems where it stands now is Komen is back to funding Planned Parenthood, according to this Texas Tribune article.


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