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Five Players in Double Figures Gives Hoyas 75-45 Win Against USF

A monster second-half characterized by 52 Hoyas points contributed by five players in double figures gave the Hoyas a comfortable 75-45 win against University of South Florida, the second game in a row Georgetown has held a Big East team in the 40s in points.

A game with impressive stats of a 30-point margin, 16 assists on 23 field goals, 34 rebounds and just nine turnovers — six in a row in the first half — is encouraging with an impending game against top-ranked Syracuse, who is dominating the Big East with a 23-1 record and coming off their own big win against St. John’s, 95-70.

Georgetown started out the first half low on offense, but their performance on the defensive end allowed them to hold the Bulls to just 15 points in the first half, though both teams went for about 10-minute stretches with no points scored.

“We felt we were getting stops and we knew the shots would start going in,” coach John Thompson III said. “I think they had 15 points at halftime and probably six of those we gave them. As long as we get stops and rebounds, we’ll be able to score enough points regardless so it was not disconcerting at all.”

Thompson III said at halftime the players and coaches both felt content in the fact that the team would pick it up in the second. Their motto was keep shooting and the shots will eventually go in.

“We all felt that we weren’t scoring the ball,” senior guard Jason Clark said. “I don’t think we were frustrated at all because we were playing good defense. But we just had to keep playing defense and we knew our shots were going to fall.”

And they did. Clark (11 points), Markel Starks (10), Otto Porter (12), Jabril Trawick (10) and Henry Sims (13) were the top scorers on the night and Sims almost recorded his second career double-double, though Thompson III thinks those stats are suspect.

“I thought Henry had his second double-double,” coach said. “I got to check, watch the film and see if the stat man cheated him on a rebound. I thought he had at least 10. Didn’t you, Henry?”
“Yea,” the 6-foot-10 center replied. “I thought so too,” coach said smiling.

Regardless of nine or 10, Sims contributed immensely on the floor, also handing out a team-high five assists.

After coming out the gate with a few good shots, USF remained stale from 15:04 until a three-point from Augustus Gilchrist with 4:10 left brought them to eight points. They brought it to within eight points at the end of the half, but quickly let that go at the start of the second.

Georgetown took over, scoring 52 points to 30 in the second half and getting great production from their bench, who scored 24 of their 29 total points in the second half, including a cherry-topping dunk by Aaron Bowen. With 18 seconds left on the clock, Bowen grabbed a steal and passed to John Caprio who fed it back to Bowen when he got under the basket.

Certainly not a confidence-killer, the Hoyas now have just four short days to recoup and reload before heading to Syracuse to face the fiery Orange in their dome.


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