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Why The Newsroom is the Best New Show on TV

There have been plenty of new shows out recently that had stellar openings to capture audiences and draw them into the characters and the story. But none has reflected the real world as much as The Newsroom.

Jeff Daniels’ monologue on why America is not the best country in the world was inspiring and something I have been talking about forever. It is my hope that people watching this show will finally wake up to reality and realize America is not as great as it once was. We ARE too sensitive. We ARE not as informed. Other countries are trouncing us in the world economy, technology, manufacturing.

And the reason is because we have gotten complacent. Our attitude has shifted. We are no longer entrepreneurial and confident, but lazy and pretentious. We think the world should hand us things so we don’t have to work for it.

I lecture everyone who will listen on the “pussification” of America, how so many of our actions and reactions reflect the negative change in our society. The Newsroom brought those actions and reactions to light, and showcased how going against the grain, doing something beyond the status quo, is a better approach to society.

I joke that I was born in the wrong era, but truly there are many, many aspects of society that were better in the 1960s and 70s. While it was far from perfect, things got accomplished and it was better for the greater good.

Daniels’ character Will McAvoy is a popular newscaster who unloads on a lecture hall full of journalism students and then returns to his nightly newscast show to find things have shifted. He has a new executive producer and an almost entirely new team — though the ones who did stick around might be the unlucky ones since he doesn’t remember their names.

On his first day back a story breaks that, on the surface, doesn’t seem groundbreaking, but turns into the oil spill in the gulf. McAvoy embraces the story and runs with it for an hour-long newscast and comes out ahead of his competitors. But the story is less about being the first with the news as the one being the best at the news.

McAvoy returns his newsroom to a better time, a time when news was real. And you know what Will McAvoy, I fucking love what you said at Northwestern, too.


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