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What Is My Motivation?

When you are in your 20s, you reflect a lot on what your life is like, what it should be like and what you wish it were like. Inevitably, those three viewpoints never look the same and I expect they don’t once you hit 30 either.

As I teeter some days with the “Why am I here?” and “What is the point?” questions, I find my motivation is the key to keeping my focus on meaningful answers to these questions. Whether or not my existence has a concrete purpose, I can spend my days feeling good about me when I make people feel happy to be where they are.

Volunteering is one of the most enjoyable activities for me for many reasons. I enjoy helping others, especially kids, and doing things for them to put a smile on their face. There are seldom activities that truly can make me go from having a bad outlook on the day to making me feel more complete than ever and one of those is walking into the Ronald McDonald House.

At the House, one thing I do as part of the young professionals group, the Red Shoe Crew, is cook dinner for families. It is inspirational to hear all the amazing stories these families have and to meet families from all over the world. It really puts your life into perspective when a family dealing with the stress of a sick child can laugh, make jokes with you and see the bright side of life.

Volunteering also affords me the opportunity to work with and meet new people who I know share similar interests with me. I have made some close friends through my volunteer work.

Young professionals groups are sprouting up everywhere and are a great way to blend these two passions I have together. As part of the Red Shoe Crew for the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore and the Adultlescent Effort committee for the Village Learning Place, I have been involved in some great and fun activities that also benefit the kids that stay in the House and learn at the library.

It is so amazing to see a trend developing with our generation in terms of giving back. Online giving, sites like GiveCorp for example, make this trend more pronounced, but I believe it’s in the fiber of our generation to reach out to others and help them.

I find it comforting others see this as a motivator in their own lives. Other motivators — a challenge, money, inputs and outputs — can be good because they push people to succeed and create great things that benefit society, but cause is the only motivator I can see that actually has a measurable outcome for society with no negative side effects.

I suppose a balance needs to exist for society to function properly, as I am sure a balance needs to exist in my own life. And I suppose in my mid-20s, I don’t need to figure it ALL out. But it’s helpful to know that whatever I do or where I go I can be driven by a purpose.


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