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Read 20 Something Magazine

A friend of mine recently launched a new venture, 20 Something Magazine, an online mag filled with content interesting and relevant to the 20-something population or really anyone who thinks they don’t have their shit together.

I am penning a column on the site called “Life, Suspended” where I talk about living with my mom. Here are the first two columns.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Krystina Lucido’s mom thinks Krystina should think positively. But Krystina, a poor 20-something stuck living at home, knows her childhood bed is too small.

On Not Being Able to Get Ready Naked

For “Life, Suspended” today, Krystina reflects on how living back home as a 20-something has ruined her favorite tradition — getting ready naked in the morning.


Dear Roger Goodell:

You don’t know me, but I am a football fan and a concerned citizen. I would like to express my concern over the replacement referee situation. Please do not write me off as I can guarantee you have received much vitriol from all angles on this subject but I would like to plead more to your heart than your wallet.

While I think this issue is — and has been — overcovered in the media throughout the preseason and into the regular season, the concerns of the players, coaches and fan base have their weight.

I am not taking sides by writing to you exclusively, but rather feel you as the head of such an illustrious, profitable and respected organization hold the responsibility to move this along. You don’t need me to tell you you hold the cards in this situation and I will not spend time in this letter pretending I know what the true issues are. No matter how I much I read about it, only you and the referees know what is preventing this issue from being settled.

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Steve Sabol: October 2, 1942 – September 18, 2012

“The Autumn Wind”

The Autumn wind is a pirate

Blustering in from sea

With a rollicking song he sweeps along

Swaggering boisterously.

His face is weather-beaten

He wears a hooded sash

With a silver hat about his head

And a bristling black mustache

He growls as he storms the country

A villain big and bold

And the trees all shake and quiver and quake

As he robs them of their gold.

The Autumn wind is a Raider

Pillaging just for fun

He’ll knock you ’round and upside down

And laugh when he’s conquered and won.

Why The Newsroom is the Best New Show on TV

There have been plenty of new shows out recently that had stellar openings to capture audiences and draw them into the characters and the story. But none has reflected the real world as much as The Newsroom.

Jeff Daniels’ monologue on why America is not the best country in the world was inspiring and something I have been talking about forever. It is my hope that people watching this show will finally wake up to reality and realize America is not as great as it once was. We ARE too sensitive. We ARE not as informed. Other countries are trouncing us in the world economy, technology, manufacturing.

And the reason is because we have gotten complacent. Our attitude has shifted. We are no longer entrepreneurial and confident, but lazy and pretentious. We think the world should hand us things so we don’t have to work for it.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Women’s Soccer

Beyond Bend it Like Beckham: The Global Phenomenon of Women’s Soccer
Timothy F. Grainey
University of Nebraska Press (March 2012)

Every four years, the United States gets excited to watch women play soccer. Though it quickly became the most popular sport among women in the country following the 1999 World Cup, most know little about how long women’s soccer has been played and how much effort has gone into making it successful.

Timothy Grainey touches on this and more in his book, Beyond Bend it Like Beckham: The Global Phenomenon of Women’s Soccer. Starting off with the slightly more familiar story of the rise of women’s soccer in the United States, Grainey then branches out to the sport’s presence in countries such as Sweden, Russia, South Africa, Pakistan, Australia and Iran.

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Lamb Opens Up About Conspiracy of Silence

Conspiracy of Silence: Sportswriters and the Long Campaign to Desegregate Baseball
Chris Lamb
University of Nebraska Press (April 2012)

Maybe the National Hockey League should give copies of Chris Lamb’s book, Conspiracy of Silence, to its fans who feel that because they have a medium in which to express their every immediate thought, they should share their racially bigoted opinions on Joel Ward and his game-winning goal for the Washington Capitals.

It seems so long ago that blacks were not allowed to play baseball. And the issue of their presence on the field and in front offices in modern day gets talked about almost every Jackie Robinson Day. Yet, it is clear racist opinions still exist and their traction might be just as strong as in the time Chris Lamb documents in Conspiracy of Silence.

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