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Growth in adulthood off autopilot

There is a significant amount of time in childhood where growth is on autopilot. Reflecting on a 20-something Magazine article where the author points out the stages of growth from children to adulthood, there is a clear distinction between the amount of growth in childhood, the amount and type of growth in adolescence and then adulthood.

Once a person reaches about age 25, there is a significant drop-off in the amount of automatic learning that takes place. This isn’t to say learning and growth stop. It just means adulthood is the time when growth stops becoming automatic and starts becoming self-sustaining.

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The Art of the Staycation

In addition to all of the other stresses in the average life of a 20-something, we have the added pressure of not being to afford anything … even time off.

Some are in jobs that don’t allow us to take vacation and those who are lucky enough to have paying jobs that offer us 10 days a year, can’t afford to do anything with those freebies.

“Staycation” is a new phrase that has popped up in recent years to define time spent at home without the distractions of the work environment, an opportunity to give your brain time to breathe without blowing hundreds of dollars on a hotel in a new city or on a beach.

But this generation is nothing if not creative. And instead of letting our lack of funds taking us to cool places bring us down, we have instead created a term that has permeated the culture and allowed us to take an opportunity to take time off, chill out and create our own experiences. Gone are the days when the requisite four-person family with their dog pile into the car with beach equipment for the Saturday-to-Saturday stay on the water. Millenials are creating new and exciting vacations, and we are OK with that.

Because Taking Your Pajamas Off Sucks: The Joys of Staycation at 20somethingmagazine.com

Read 20 Something Magazine

A friend of mine recently launched a new venture, 20 Something Magazine, an online mag filled with content interesting and relevant to the 20-something population or really anyone who thinks they don’t have their shit together.

I am penning a column on the site called “Life, Suspended” where I talk about living with my mom. Here are the first two columns.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Krystina Lucido’s mom thinks Krystina should think positively. But Krystina, a poor 20-something stuck living at home, knows her childhood bed is too small.

On Not Being Able to Get Ready Naked

For “Life, Suspended” today, Krystina reflects on how living back home as a 20-something has ruined her favorite tradition — getting ready naked in the morning.

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