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Growth in adulthood off autopilot

There is a significant amount of time in childhood where growth is on autopilot. Reflecting on a 20-something Magazine article where the author points out the stages of growth from children to adulthood, there is a clear distinction between the amount of growth in childhood, the amount and type of growth in adolescence and then adulthood.

Once a person reaches about age 25, there is a significant drop-off in the amount of automatic learning that takes place. This isn’t to say learning and growth stop. It just means adulthood is the time when growth stops becoming automatic and starts becoming self-sustaining.

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Bracket Accountability

Breaking Down Ravens’ Contracts

Now that the excitement and hype of the Super Bowl have died down and the reality of free agency has set in, a clear picture has emerged.

Joe Flacco did not deserve to be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

Ravens fans may disagree, and understandably so. He put up impressive numbers at time throughout the past four years with the team, including leading them to the playoffs in each of those years. In addition to this year’s record-setting playoff run to the Super Bowl, there is no doubt he deserved to get paid. But the perception of him was clouded when he was named MVP.

Flacco was inconsistent this year and has been in previous ones. Ask most analysts — and probably some players — and guaranteed most would say of all the QBs in the league, Flacco doesn’t break top 5 in crunch time choices. As much as Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff lost the Ravens a 2012 Super Bowl appearance, Flacco didn’t solely win them a 2013 one.

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What Is My Motivation?

When you are in your 20s, you reflect a lot on what your life is like, what it should be like and what you wish it were like. Inevitably, those three viewpoints never look the same and I expect they don’t once you hit 30 either.

As I teeter some days with the “Why am I here?” and “What is the point?” questions, I find my motivation is the key to keeping my focus on meaningful answers to these questions. Whether or not my existence has a concrete purpose, I can spend my days feeling good about me when I make people feel happy to be where they are.

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Read 20 Something Magazine

A friend of mine recently launched a new venture, 20 Something Magazine, an online mag filled with content interesting and relevant to the 20-something population or really anyone who thinks they don’t have their shit together.

I am penning a column on the site called “Life, Suspended” where I talk about living with my mom. Here are the first two columns.

The Power of Positive Thinking

Krystina Lucido’s mom thinks Krystina should think positively. But Krystina, a poor 20-something stuck living at home, knows her childhood bed is too small.

On Not Being Able to Get Ready Naked

For “Life, Suspended” today, Krystina reflects on how living back home as a 20-something has ruined her favorite tradition — getting ready naked in the morning.

Dear Roger Goodell:

You don’t know me, but I am a football fan and a concerned citizen. I would like to express my concern over the replacement referee situation. Please do not write me off as I can guarantee you have received much vitriol from all angles on this subject but I would like to plead more to your heart than your wallet.

While I think this issue is — and has been — overcovered in the media throughout the preseason and into the regular season, the concerns of the players, coaches and fan base have their weight.

I am not taking sides by writing to you exclusively, but rather feel you as the head of such an illustrious, profitable and respected organization hold the responsibility to move this along. You don’t need me to tell you you hold the cards in this situation and I will not spend time in this letter pretending I know what the true issues are. No matter how I much I read about it, only you and the referees know what is preventing this issue from being settled.

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