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Breaking Down Ravens’ Contracts

Now that the excitement and hype of the Super Bowl have died down and the reality of free agency has set in, a clear picture has emerged.

Joe Flacco did not deserve to be the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

Ravens fans may disagree, and understandably so. He put up impressive numbers at time throughout the past four years with the team, including leading them to the playoffs in each of those years. In addition to this year’s record-setting playoff run to the Super Bowl, there is no doubt he deserved to get paid. But the perception of him was clouded when he was named MVP.

Flacco was inconsistent this year and has been in previous ones. Ask most analysts — and probably some players — and guaranteed most would say of all the QBs in the league, Flacco doesn’t break top 5 in crunch time choices. As much as Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff lost the Ravens a 2012 Super Bowl appearance, Flacco didn’t solely win them a 2013 one.

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